“Promoting myself has always been a painful exercise for me. Jeanette lifts that burden from my shoulders with a quiet competence that makes it easy to devote all my energies to my songwriting. She's a social media maven, and even when I have marketing needs that go beyond her usual portfolio of music promotion, she steps up with thoughtful suggestions and puts them into action. I couldn't be a public creator without Mom Hen to guide me through.”---James Kahn

“I have lived and/or worked in Nashville for almost 25 years. I have the pleasure of working with some of the best in the music business...musicians, producers, agents, writers, publicists, engineers, radio folks, admin people. All pros and top shelf human beings. Jeanette Lundgren is cut from that kind of quality cloth. And her work ethic and integrity is the thread that runs through it.”--- David G Smith

“The most wonderful part of working with Jeanette is how effortless it is. She is 'on it' without being asked or reminded and when it is time to strategize or consult she gives her undivided attention providing guidance and expertise. Annie and I are truly grateful for her ongoing collaboration.”---Peter Gallway, solo artist and member of Hat Check Girl with Annie Gallup

“Jeanette Lundgren is a force of passion and purpose! Social media expert. Internet & terrestrial radio guru. In fact, I value Jeanette’s work and Counsel SO much, I’ve called her my ‘step-manager’. Simply because of her ability to process challenges and opportunities and, yes, talk me down from my thought-feels-singer-songwriter cliffs! Knowing I lack organization and tend to leave many details until the last moment… I knew I needed someone to manage my social media. Enter Mother Hen Promotions! WOW!!! I have been so impressed and grateful for her knowledge, dedication and work, that we have been together for 10+ YEARS!!!”--- Kerry Patrick Clark

“I am a long-time client of Jeanette Lundgren and Mother Hen Promotions. She’s done things for my career that had never even occurred to me. See, I would much rather write songs and sing them than do the gruntwork of everyday promotion, social media management, and all the other things that Jeanette does for her client base. And in this world of Internet spam and Facebook threats, I know I have her on my side to watch out for my best interests. As a Media Manager, you may think this is out of her range. But she is truly like a Mother Hen taking care of her chicks. Whatever it takes to get the job done.”---Severin Browne


Creation, Maintenance and Promotion via Facebook, Blogs, XTwitter, Linked-In, Bandsintown, Undiscovered Music Network .... PLUS Internet Music Consulting, Research, and Online Safety Practices.

Mother Hen Promotions' primary focus is the time consuming task of managing artists social media sites whether it be for promotion, managing the sites themselves, organizing information or more.

"Mom Hen" works at a base hourly rate of $25 per hour but can build specific packages for the needs of the artist, with those packages not being less than 10 hours a month. 

For a one-time flat-fee, MHP will create and connect/network the most important social media sites for ANY indie artist who requires this service. You provide your photos and media and we'll set up the sites and teach you how best to use them. You will also have the option to retain us to perform additional/continuous services at the regular monthly rate, at a later date. 

Please contact Mother Hen Promotions by clicking HERE for a full list of services and surprisingly reasonable packages for social media management.