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About Jeanette Lundgren
Mother Hen Promotions

Born and raised in various New York City suburbs, Jeanette Lundgren spent over 20 years at a major publishing house licensing domestic and foreign print, audio, and film/tv rights. She moved to Los Angeles in 2000 and having tried the singer-songwriter route for about 5 minutes, she found some brilliant musicians who needed support more than she needed to sing.

Mother Hen Promotions was born in 2006 when trying to organize a CD exchange and Tracy Newman dubbed her "Mother Hen." Mother Hen describes herself as a nitpicking precise organized efficient behind-the-scenes support person, who attempts to put everybody's best foot forward via online promotion, social networking, & research. It is up to the artist to be the best musician he or she can be. It is up to Mom Hen to make sure everybody knows it.

In April 2012, Mother Hen Promotions moved to Eugene, Oregon in order to be "Mom Hen" full time. There are many social media managers out there; most of whom would be willing to teach you the how to's and what for's. "Mom Hen," for an reasonable monthly price, will do it for you using affordable internet tools that easily fit an indie musician's budget while also teaching you the how to's and what for's.

Jeanette is a board member at FolkWorks, a member of Folk Alliance International, and a supporter of indie musicians and music related businesses of all genres.  She served on the FAR-West Board in various roles including Vice President and Secretary, from 2010 until 2021. During that time she coordinated 6 conferences and handled their social media.